Luke Bryan – Crash My Party (2013)

Album: Crash My Party
Release Year: 2013
Label: Capitol Records
Genre: Country
Time: 44:32 min
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CD: 1
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Set to an electronically adjusted bass-and-drum beat, the song also describes a nation hiphop mix-tape, a reflection of the melody’s arrangement, which combines banjo, hardrock guitar riffs and hiphop generation touches. What Bryan’s fourth record does not provide is several surprises. The Academy of Country Music entertainer of the full year, Bryan sticks with intimate ballads and soupedup country rockers about how men who like to drive pickups and fish and guzzle beer do better with girls and normally have more fun than their counterparts.

He’s never been before with Crash My Party Luke Bryan finds himself capable. Crash My Party is his first record since ascending to celebrity status with all the chain of Platinumplus hits from 2011′s Double Platinumselling tailgates & tan-lines.
Like in his previous hits including 2011′s contagious “Country Woman (Shake It For Me),” headlamps, dance and beer are at the peak of the list as Luke gives a carefree established with stadium crowds in head. Although hickhop inspired opener, “That’s My Sort of Night,” comes furnished with a clubready beat, 35inch truck tires also seem ahead inventory because the tune creates underneath the stars and keeps things decidedly region with lines referencing a small catfish supper. This may be Luke’s most obvious detour into hiphop land, but the secluded dirt road themes continue through a big portion of the job.

The ballad cannily upends the platinum-selling, award-winning singer-songwriter’s one-man-spring-break picture, supplying a vision of the painful and sensitive partner prepared to drop every thing — a good particular date raising hell along with his bros! — for your right woman. On an archive choking on present nation song-writing cliches – you can find more tan tailgates and legs here than in a Kenny Chesney ground show parking lot, it’s a musical Heimlich maneuver. A number of songs here transcend their formulaic functions, including the gauzy summer-at-the-beach thoughts of “Roller Coaster.” and the genuine “Dirt Road Diary” However the most of the record is given up to “Party” activities we’ve noticed Bryan — and numerous others in modern state – play before.

The album’s lead-off course ‘That’s My Form Of Night’ — the 2nd single by the album’s release — includes a solid groove-filled bass line and though some my hate the words which guide T-Pain, it’s a music that does precisely what it’s likely to do, have the fun going. There’s a powerful bass More

line a-la ‘Another Bites The Dust’ which provides Luke Bryan all he needs a track to get people dancing and bouncing to the music, both at a party or at a concert.

‘Goodbye Girl’ includes a classic place tune with certainly one of Luke’s greatest vocals on the album. Luke produced a full-length spring break-themed series in March and lots of his sun-drenched supporters is going to be pleased to hear there’s a bit beach sand in this set at the same time. A number of the stand-out track “Roller Coaster,” which sees as floating guitar lines, him twisted such as an old beach roller-coaster after having a fling Crash My Party’s most readily useful looks come hover. But, the excitingly natural “Play It Again” might be Luke’s most useful co-ed bonfire equipment currently. With a lady who continually stops every collection range he presents as a result of radio playing her favorite music, the spur-of-the-moment feeling is caught by Luke properly with rapidly spinning songs.

Hook-driven choruses and powerful rhythms tell you each as mid-tempo energy notes work despite the fact that the latter spins a dark story of an inevitable storage. Luke constantly establishes he’s up for more dynamic melodies on as much of the tracks function outstanding twists Crash My Party and turns.

That theme rings out within the title tune and several more, including “Beer Within The Headlights,” “We Run This City,” “Play It Again,” “Out Like That” and on and on. Bryan and producer Jeff Stevens do drive the boundary of just how many digital effects they may utilize in a country tune. In every other way, Bryan sticks too naturally having a successful formula on “Crash My Party.”

Crash My Party showcases Luke’s development for a performer. Arena-ready hooks and enormous twisted power chords are around every corner, but it’s his powerful clasp of expressive air that captures the ear. “Goodbye Woman,” one of the record’s greatest songs, mixes suggests of R & B-flavored ’60s pop into an effortlessly swaying country tune. The brooding “Drink A Beer” produces an Americana-tinged chorus that goes down easy with the aid of Chris Stapleton (who cowrote the track) on harmony vocals. Luke himself cowrote the record’s most autobiographical track, “Dirt Street Diary,” that provides a view of his life growing up. With scenes of repairing fence posts alongside his father or hitting the swimming hole with all the object of his affection, it’s no surprise these back streets cause a number of Luke’s favorite locations. Luke couples country themes with stadium riffs to direct enthusiasts on a tour of his own dirt road roots, on Crash My Party.


CD 1
TitleArtistDirect Download
01 That’s My Kind of NightLuke Bryandownload
02 Beer In the HeadlightsLuke Bryandownload
03 Crash My PartyLuke Bryandownload
04 Roller CoasterLuke Bryandownload
05 We Run This TownLuke Bryandownload
06 Drink a BeerLuke Bryandownload
07 I See YouLuke Bryandownload
08 Goodbye GirlLuke Bryandownload
09 Play It AgainLuke Bryandownload
10 Blood BrothersLuke Bryandownload
11 Out Like ThatLuke Bryandownload
12 Shut It DownLuke Bryandownload
13 Dirt Road DiaryLuke Bryandownload


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