Marc Anthony – 3.0 (2013)

Album: 3.0
Release Year: 2013
Genre: Latin, Pop
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Marc Anthony, born Marco Antonio Muñiz on September 16, 1969 in Manhattan, New York (USA), is a singer and composer of now also and Puerto Rican salsa music of romantic ballads, place and even dance. Gave the international break because of Paul Simon, whom he thinks his teacher and coach, who chose from a large number of individuals to become the character of his book ‘The Capeman.’
Between your beginning of two children was no crisis, marrying again and reaching another. In 2004 ended the connection.
Therefore, after examining that Marc Anthony happens to be deeply in love with J. It happens that she’s the strange Lola to which he devotes a number of his songs and pictures.
The new record by Marc Anthony, released to-day, Tuesday, is known as ’3.0 ‘is just a name that suggests upgrading new model. However it is really a work straight back to the roots, the sound that the singer of his generation Latino head has in his DNA. The sauce.The time came. After nearly ten years with no studio album Marc Anthony becomes ‘more aged’ and ‘spiritual’ to provide ‘Marc Anthony 3.0′, the task that have waited their supporters, which includes ten songs, one of these the popular reggaeton Tito ‘The Bambino .’
3.0 is forward with an easy, standard of living, C’est la vie variation of Khaled, the master of rai-, which provides RedOne (Lady Gaga) and knows to international place. 3.0 However the the truth is different: this really is an album of traditional salsa using its subjects to party, the others to mourn and conventional sound instead of advanced. In theory Anthony would submit a pop record in English, which remains dealing with Re-done, but has chosen to create before this, something special for Hispanic fans (and people who worship him for his contribution to the style of salsa, which can’t be underestimated.)
Not that Anthony have been away more than these coordinates: in 2006 produced the soundtrack to the singer, the seminal biopic of four decades later, and salsa singer Hector Lavoe, Icons, a tribute for their idols. But 3.0 is his first record of original tunes salsa in 12 years, the past from Libre (2001).
Nevertheless, it’s significant that the artist didn’t begin with the sauce, though taken within the body. His origins in the late 80′s were marked by designs including free-style and house, where Anthony managed as program singer, songwriter and producer.
The remainder, as the saying goes, is history. And the actual history. Dozens and dozens of strikes global praise, shows for approximately 50,000 people without shaking overcomes Anthony. ‘It could be frightening if you were to think about this too much,’ he explained. You’ve to create 50,000 people feel some thing. ‘
Made by the truly amazing Sergio George, a regular in the Latin Grammys, the album features gets like Living my life insurance, said Khaled model, the positive back once again to begin, and the intimate anthem guaguancó beat (conventional Cuba) Flower Pale, which comes even close to supportive relationships with flowers, both need to pay just a little attention, attention, their neglect.
After eight years he liked keeping problems, came in to his arms, ‘Wait’, a song that won the place you finally reach the business to begin with his new task, that hits the market tomorrow after ‘Icons’, a record within the achievements recorded by singers he admires.
Throughout these eight years, subjects had plumped for ‘turned the soundtrack to my life in the home, but when I gave ‘Wait’ changed everything and began recording. When I noticed I understood that it was time’ to come back the research.
‘Living my entire life’, organized by Marc Anthony and Sergio George, has transformed into the first in thirteen years sauce is positioned along with the Billboard charts, but greater than a style, the artist also stated that is how is living at the moment, ‘giving value as to the really does.’
‘He (Tito) remained aware of his group (his colleagues). I told you the report and I simultaneously noted it, ‘he explained.
Marc Anthony’s appreciation for urban music artist has now reached the stage where I heard their songs when going through hard times in his life, he didn’t identify.
‘He includes a special sensitivity within their tunes and lyrics.’s Pure poetry.’ve Been a fan of Tito. They passed tidbits Tito often hear music. Was a method to escape’ of what surprised him, he explained.
It was the final song he recorded with a group of Puerto Rico that he described, was to accompany him on still another subject.
Based on the translator, this period of spirituality and more maturity is a process that lived in the past two years following the death of two friends.
It’s also the music that broke all 3.0, the romantic expectations. A Marc Anthony this ballad originated from worldwide and Mexico pop record Re-done needed to wait. ‘It was among those times where you say, I’ve to report this now. ‘ His passion is apparent within this ballad of epic proportions, showing a born-again artist.


01. Vivir Mi Vida
02. Volver a Comenzar
03. Flor Pálida
04. Cambio de Piel
05. Espera
06. La Copa Rota
07. Dime Si No es Verdad
08. Hipocresía
09. Cautivo de Este Amor
10. Vivir Mi Vida (Versión Pop)



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