Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines (2013)

Album: Blurred Lines
Release Year: 2013
Genre: Pop, R&B, Rap/ Hip Hop, Soul
Quality: MP3 320kbps
CD: 1
Total Size: 104 MB
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The hit success that Robin Thicke does is really a wonderful proof that it’s possible to construct the world of pop music. Particularly when the primary one did with little success.
But that’s just what happens right now with Robin Thicke, who originated from somewhat seen album produced in 2011 to get to be the only title in addition to Daft Punk, to offer a lot more than one million simple in The Uk in 2013..
What a shock it’s had to get Robin Thicke with ‘Blurred Lines’, simple demonstration of these sixth studio album. The music, a cool minimalist infectious and created by Pharrell Williams, though it’d be fair to state, also, that with co-authorship of Marvin Gaye, whose ‘Surely Got To Give It Up, Pt 2′ Pharrell has found bass, happens to be the first place of the hottest songs in the world. Since that time, an amazing change for someone whose job, as yet, couldn’t see beyond the U.S..
Many attribute a lot of the responsibility for the achievement of ‘Blurred Lines’ to its provocative video, but the truth is that the matter is so well crafted, has so many hooks and it’s so interesting that ultimately your video isn’t essential. An enormous gain, undoubtedly, Robin Thicke, which is ten-year career and had never undergone such a thing such as this, not even though it debuted in 2002 with ‘After I Get You Alone’, which was popular but not.
The good news is that the record keeps the same level in the other songs If you want the track.
By focusing its impacts seated Classic cut using a modern generation, the artist manages to produce a work that treats both young and adults alike.
Needless to say it is a dangerous strategy, you’ll find artists who grieved closing to use both. Fortuitously, Robin Thicke hasn’t happened something similar.
This time of the strikes of work as well, occasionally, and now it’s fallen to Robin Thicke, who with the aid of Pharrell Williams (Get Lucky. And normally happens using the visits of the minute, variations out in handfuls.
Thicke’s new record, consequently, will likely be the largest seller of his career and the very best is the artist has recently secured your neighborhood artist action worldwide phenomenon is followed closely by good songs. In this case an overall total below normal, just five, unlike his previous works that might include around sixteen pieces obviously filled among. This doesn’t occur in ‘Blurred Lines’: the course that closes the record, ‘The Good Life’, is a conformist spirit but average and even the niche made by, ‘Give It 2 ​​U’, in the effort of rapper Kendrick Lamar is extremely good and might be a strike.

Generally, but, Thicke continues to appear for the past but with an increase of recent shows, because the number record ‘That’s perhaps not No Hat 4′ or really Jackson 5 ‘Ooo Manhunter Manhattan project.’ Additionally there are common times (‘ 4 The Remainder of My Entire Life ‘sounds 100% published by Prince) but overall this record is really a constant number of songs that not seem neither too modern or obsolete boringly. While not without some stumbling forgivable (‘ Feel Well ‘), very nearly a success after yet another that just won’t repeat the success of the initial individual, but don’t forget, most importantly, quality.


01. Blurred Lines feat. T.I. & Pharrell
02. Take It Easy on Me
03. Ooo La La
04. Ain’t No Hat 4 That
05. Get in My Way
06. Give It 2 U feat. Kendrick Lamar
07. Feel Good
08. 4 the Rest of My Life
09. Top of the World
10. The Good Life



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