Janelle Monáe – The Electric Lady (Deluxe Edition) (2013)

Album: The Electric Lady (Deluxe Edition)
Release Year: 2013
Label: Wondaland Arts Society, Bad Boy
Genre: R&B, Soul
Number of Discs: 1
Tracks: 23
Quality: FLAC (image + cue) | MP3 320kbps
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The sensational Janelle Monae releases her third record. It is called “Electric Lady”, an incontrovertible court to the great Jimi Hendrix’s third record, “Electric Ladyland”. The very first great star concept called ‘QUEEN’ In the movie also sees her idol, the star Erykah Badu, regarded as Badoula Oblongata. A movie of excellent type. Janelle Monae is 27, the perfect time to take the plunge. It may be among the most popular singers of Kansas City. There’s small less-than monthly to ensure that we’ve the estimated new record Janelle Monae, ‘The Electric Lady’. We could take a gander in the lovely cover which has developed Sam Sprat. As described within this web site, the cover is really a picture, dated in 2717, entitled ‘Cindi Mayweather And Her Sisters Cast A Spell On The Great Town Of Metropolis’ and is definitely inspired by the French movie’ Qui etes vous, Polly Magoo? ’1966.

The document of the lady who had our HT Style area will feature collaborations Prince, Michael and Erykah Badu. ‘The Electric Lady’ currently got two developments in the appearance of solitary. After experiencing ‘QUEEN’, her cooperation with Erykah Badu, today comes ‘Apocalyptic Dance’, whose movie you’ll be able to see on such lines. Janelle Monae September 10th found her second record ‘The Electric Lady’, which now we understand the cover as standard, six Janelles extremely well painted, with manicure well done, along with the bar code to the wrist, however just one with a toupee. The “Suites 4 and V” makes us confident that it is going to be considered a great record using a theory and also a marvelous storyline just like you had ‘The ArchAndroid’, and confirms this Tumblr describing the background of the addresses, since you can see here.

Earlier last week some media attended the launching party for your brand new record from Janelle Monae, “The Electric Lady”, in a pub on a roof top in central London. Might be heard six tracks, among which stressed “Primetime”, a duet with Michael. The singer also dropped that could be an additional subscriber, but “could not” declare. The Prince believed existing there also it appears that they were correct because in an interview with Billboard, Monae disclosed: “I had the chance to make an icon… It doesn’t occur every day that Prince get to credits. I’m really honored and I take with humility which has trusted me. More

Will forever be my friend and I am going to be forever indebted. I am unable to say far more about this”. One more thing you may detect the audience about those brand new songs is the fact that they’re more open when speaking about the encounters and personal life with love and relationships. Additionally they revealed that seems more accessible and definitely surprise more than one if it starts in September.

A couple of days before, the very first single was remixed from the wizard of Minneapolis, Prince. In addition, we understand that among the guest artists is Michael, on the track called “Primetime” and where Pixies, sample cut. What had transpired to date could be the release date, ending currently the musician has confirmed with a video released through her Instagram report: the September 10, “The Electric Lady” will be available in stores via Bad-boy / Common.

Janelle is striking, provocative, as she revealed in her wonderful second album The ArchAndroid, that is now nothing menso change three. Naturally that Prince is really one of her favourite singers. That is ‘QUEEN’, her new tune with sensational styling. The tune is an awesome XXI century not quite as Daft Punk.


The Electric Lady (Deluxe Edition)
TitleArtistDirect Download
01 Suite IV: Electric OvertureJanelle Monáedownload
02 Givin Em What They Love (ft. Prince)Janelle Monáedownload
03 Q.U.E.E.N. (ft. Erykah Badu)Janelle Monáedownload
04 Electric Lady (ft. Solange)Janelle Monáedownload
05 Good Morning Midnight (Interlude)Janelle Monáedownload
06 PrimeTime (ft. Miguel)Janelle Monáedownload
07 We Were Rock and RollJanelle Monáedownload
08 The Chrome Shoppe (Interlude)Janelle Monáedownload
09 Dance ApocalypticJanelle Monáedownload
10 Look Into My EyesJanelle Monáedownload
11 Suite V: Electric OvertureJanelle Monáedownload
12 It’s CodeJanelle Monáedownload
13 Ghetto WomanJanelle Monáedownload
14 Our Favorite Fugitive (Interlude)Janelle Monáedownload
15 VictoryJanelle Monáedownload
16 Can’t Live Without Your LoveJanelle Monáedownload
17 Sally RideJanelle Monáedownload
18 Dorothy Dandridge Eyes (tt. Esperanza Spalding)Janelle Monáedownload
19 What an ExperienceJanelle Monáedownload
Deluxe Bonus Tracks
TitleArtistDirect Download
20 Q.U.E.E.N. (ft. Erykah Badu)Janelle Monáedownload
21 Electric Lady (ft. Big Boi, Cee-Lo Green)Janelle Monáedownload
22 HYTBJanelle Monáedownload
23 I Want You BackJanelle Monáedownload


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